We know you have a lot of questions, here are our answers!
Do I require a building permit for these portable houses?
All of our structures over 10m2 are mobilised on axles & wheels with a telescopic tow-bar, hence, in law, are classified as caravans designed for static site placement, short & longer term.
Do I need permission from Council to site these portable houses?
Most Council’s do not require this, but it sometimes pays to check the local Council bylaws as it relates to “caravans”. Because these buildings are attractive, there should not be any issues.
Do I need permission to connect to Council water, sewerage and storm-water?
If required, you might obtain a plumbing consent from Council, or connect to your own services.
Can I go off-grid with these houses?
Very easily.  These tiny homes can be powered with a combination of gas & solar power. A 1000 litre tank for septic at little cost. Roof water, a holding tank and an in-line water pump.
 What is the standard power connection?
In most cases a 50/50 electricity and gas combination is the best. We provide wiring & connections for a full free standing gas stove & oven, plus a frost free hot water califont which can be sourced and fitted through us. The other appliances & electrical equipment is powered by a 15 amp caravan plug, standard fitting.
Do I require an expensive sewerage system?
Not necessarily. A 2,000 litre septic retainment system is a cost effective alternative at about 10% of the cost.
How strong are these buildings?
These are highly engineered steel frame buildings with a heavy duty steel chassis base right through to a substantial steel ridge beam for the gable roof.  The 75mm roof & wall panels make them a strong robust structure suited to NZ conditions.
How warm are these buildings?
The combination of 75mm in-wall EPS insulation [we believe that 50mm is not enough] and ample window space for natural solar heating lends itself to a very warm & dry home.
What height off the ground are these houses?
A deck of 520mm high is the perfect entry height to these homes. We recommend that the deck is made in four portable sections for ease of transport and flexibility of use. Our 6 tiny radial tyres allow the house to sit cosy to the ground.
Can I tow these houses to my property?
Under farm moving laws you can [with flags] using a large truck or tractor for up to 50km but with limited turning capabilities. Most houses will be transported by a hiab or crane truck from our factory to your site at buyers cost, approximately $170hr. You may also require a pilot vehicle. Each house has a telescopic tow bar capability at each end.
Can I view one of your homes?
Indeed you can. We have a show village in Sefton, North Canterbury, with factory’s being planned in the lower & upper North Islands later this year.
Are they all the same size?
The Eco Cottage family by virtue of it’s modular capability offers a size range of 10m2, 16m2, 26m2, 40m2, 56m2 and 70m2 of one to four bedrooms.
Can I change the interior layout?
Yes you can. Or better still, you can buy the lock-up-shell and fit it out yourself to suit your particular needs.
Can you do a 2 bedroom unit?
Yes, either by removing the kitchen & ensuite and creating 2 ‘dry’ bedrooms for Holiday Park or B & B use, or, by bringing 2 houses together in an L-shape or face to face combination with a closed in outdoor living space joining the buildings on an extended deck structure. Refer to our sketch plans for ideas & multiple uses.
Can I have a mezzanine floor?
For a single bed above the lounge suite you possibly could as a purpose built free standing unit. Alternatively, consider a divan day-bed or a pull out double.
Can I create more living or bed space?
Yes you can by downsizing your furniture to suit your own living needs. Your choice of furniture is important. These houses are designed for a queen size bed but you can remove the wardrobes and have bunks both sides of the bedroom instead.
How are these priced?
Like building blocks, our Eco Cottage starts out at a base price of $57k, the Eco Room at $19k which then allows customers the choice of additional fixtures & fittings. There is a wide range of extras & upgrades to achieve the ultimate outcome in terms of space usage and climatic conditions.
Why are portable houses so popular?
Low cost and future flexibility of use. No cost of building plans, building permit and no cost of foundations. They are earthquake proof, low maintenance, warm and fun to live in. Use today for extended family, tomorrow as a beach house. Or sell them.
Can I use one of these for a business or professional rooms?
Absolutely. You can work from an empty building and fit them out as you please. We can change windows, doors & walls [even open plan] to create any number of living or work space outcomes depending on your needs.  2 bedroom/2 bathroom units included for holiday parks.
When can you supply?
We try to have houses in stock, but this can vary depending on seasonal variations in demand. Summer time is busy for us but our normal lead times are 4 to 12 weeks.
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